Breitung Township provides weekly, curb-side refuse collection for all of its residents.  Per Township policy, all habitable homes within the Township, regardless of occupancy, will be billed for refuse collection.  Breitung Township bills the refuse collection fee twice a year; in January and July.  The fee for refuse collection is $36.90 per billing cycle.  The total cost for the year is $73.80.  You have the option of paying for the year, or paying the two installments during each billing cycle.

Breitung Township contracts the refuse collection to Great American Disposal (GAD).  If you have questions as to why your garbage wasn't picked up, or believe your garbage was missed, please contact GAD at 906-774-9006.  You can visit GAD's website by clicking here, to learn more about GAD's refuse collection policies.

Breitung Township residents can bring their leaves and compost, free of charge, to GAD's Solid Waste Processing Facility on Baler Drive, behind the Tri-City Cinemas in Quinnesec. 

Residents also have the availability of bringing their small limbs and brush to the Township's gated brush pile.  The brush pile is not for anything larger than the size of your fist.  Stumps, building materials and leaves are NOT allowed to be dumped at the pile.  Located on Second Street in Quinnesec, the brush pile requires residents to check out a key from the Township offices to the gate before being able to drop off their brush/limbs.  This facility is for residential use only, NOT for commercial or large volume cleaning.  

Adrienne Savord
Office: 906-779-2052