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Superintendent of

Public Works:

Guy Forstrom




(906) 779-2064


(906) 779-2077



3850 Menominee Street

P.O. Box 160

Quinnesec, MI 49876

Department of Public Works


  Department of Public Works BuildingThe Breitung Township Department of Public Worksdpw_building_1.jpg


  • Guy Forstrom - DPW Superintendent
  • Bill Bailey
  • Jeff Iverson
  • Mary Ann Hansen
  • Jason Davis
  • Chris Wilcox


The Public Works Department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the East Kingsford and Quinnesec water systems
  • Maintaining the East Kingsford and Quinnesec recreation areas
  • Maintaining all Building and grounds of Breitung Township's facilities
  • Maintaining three fire stations
  • Maintaining Quinnesec Cemetery
  • Compost Collection May through November

Please contact Guy Forstrom at 906-779-2064 or dpw@breitungtwp.org for Inquiries regarding:

  • Fire numbers
  • New or replacement water service
  • Issues regarding compost

Contact the Dickinson County Road Commission at 906-774-1588 for:

  • All street signage (such as stop signs)
  • All road and alley maintenance issues (such as icy intersections or pot holes)

For streetlight outages, call We Energies:

  • For Residential call 800-242-9137
  • For Power Outages call 800-662-4797

 digging picture


MISS DIG is a statewide, one-call notification system, which was formed in 1970 in Oakland County by five major utilities. The reason for MISS DIG's formation was to prevent damage to utility facilities and to provide excavators and the general public with the ability to inform multiple owners of underground facilities of intended non-emergency and emergency excavation via a single telephone call 1-800-482-7171.


This page last updated on 6/20/2017.
Charter Township of Breitung | Dickinson County | Michigan | 3851 Menominee Street | P.O. Box 160 |  Quinnesec, MI  49876