Dangerous Building Hearing Officer

  Dangerous Building Hearing Officer
Reports To:  Township Supervisor
Employment Status:  Appointed, Exempt
Salary:  Per Diem as set by the Board of Trustees

The Charter Township of Breitung is accepting letters of interest from persons who wish to serve the Township as the Dangerous Building Hearing Officer.

General Responsibilities, Requirements, and Knowledge:
The Hearing Officer is appointed by the Township Supervisor to serve at his or her pleasure. The Hearing Officer shall be a person who has expertise in housing matters, including, but not limited to an engineer, architect, attorney, building contractor, building inspector, or member of a community housing organization.
The Hearing Officer shall take testimony of the Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer, the owner of the property, and any interested person, and then shall render a decision either closing the proceedings or ordering the building or structure demolished, otherwise made safe, or properly maintained.

Please submit a letter of interest to Superintendent Steve Mulka. You can email to: superintendent@breitungtwp.org, or mail to Charter Township of Breitung, PO Box 160, Quinnesec, MI 49876, or drop off at the Township Hall building located at 3851 Menominee Street in Quinnesec, MI.