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Property Transfer Affidavit Form
The Breitung Township Assessor's office annually appraises the value of each parcel of residential, commercial, and industrial property in the Township. The Assessor's office can assist you with the following:
All forms can be dropped off at the Township Office,
mailed to: PO BOX 160, Quinnesec MI 49876

The Assessor's office is also responsible to:
  • Assist residents with property legal descriptions, State Equalized Value, square footage, lot size, etc.
  • Give tax information for tax bills
  • Retain maps of the city and subdivisions to locate the property
  • Maintain a hard copy of the assessment roll with alphabetic reference
  • Update property information with every deed recorded
  • Send out Change of Assessment notices every year the value changes
  • Process personal property statements and maintain those values every year
  • Maintain the industrial facility tax abatement (IFT) roll
  • Process state required documents with totals after March's Board of Review is completed 

Justin Murawski - Head Shot - Edited - Web Edition
Justin Murawski
Office: 906-779-2060
Email: assessor@breitungtwp.org 

Ann Gasperich - Head Shot - Edited - Web Edition
Ann Gasperich
Office: 906-779-2060
Email: deputyassessor@breitungtwp.org

Karie Taff - Head Shot - Web Edition
Karie Taff
Office: (906) 779-2060
Email: ktaff@breitungtwp.org