DPW Crew Members:

Guy Forstrom - Superintendent
Guy - Silve Drop Award - Copy (2)

Bill Bailey - Water Operator
Bill Bailey

Jay Davis - Water Operator
Jay Davis

Chris Wilcox - Water Operator
Chris Wilcox

The Dept. of Public Works is responsible for:
  • Maintaining the East Kingsford and Quinnesec water systems
  • Maintaining the East Kingsford and Quinnesec recreation areas
  • Maintaining all buildings and grounds of Breitung Township's facilities
  • Maintaining fire stations
  • Maintaining Breitung Township Cemetery
  • Compost Collection - May through November
Please contact Guy Forstrom at 906-779-2064 or at dpw@breitungtwp.org, for inquiries regarding:
  • Issuing fire numbers for new builds
  • New or replacement water service
  • Issues regarding compost collection


If you are looking to order a new fire sign on an already existing fire number/residence, please click here for more information and a printable order form.  Please fill out the form and return it to the Breitung Township office in-person at 3851 Menominee Street, Quinnesec, or through the mail at PO Box 160, Quinnesec, care of Administrative Assistant Adrienne Savord.  Please note that you will need to include your payment with the form, as all fire sign orders are required to be paid before the order is placed.

The Dickinson County Road Commission (DCRC) is responsible for all signage alongside roadways.  They're also responsible for the plowing and upkeep of Township roads.  In regards to roads, please contact the DCRC at 906-774-1588 with comments and concerns.

WE Energies maintains and owns the street lights within the Township.  If you have a street light outage, please contact WE Energies at 1-800-242-9137 or submit a request for it to be fixed on their website.  If your power has gone out, please contact them at 1-800-662-4797.