To provide life safety, property conservation and public education for Breitung Township residents and assist our neighbors as requested.

Breitung Township is proud to offer a fully-staffed, volunteer fire department.
If you are interested in joining our fire department, stop by our Township Hall office to pick up an application. You can also download and print it from this website. 

Jim Rose

Station 1:  3800 Menominee Street, Quinnesec, MI 49876
Assistant Chief:  Scott Marshall

Station 2:  525 E. Breen Avenue, Kingsford, MI 49802
Assistant Chief:  Ryan Cousineau

Station 3:  N4327 State Hwy M95, Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Assistant Chief:  Richard Lindow

Please direct any mail for the Fire Department and any of its members to:
Charter Township of Breitung
c/o Fire Department (or Fire Fighter's name)
P.O. Box 160
Quinnesec, MI 49876

Check out the Breitung Township Fire Department Facebook page here!

Burn Permits:
Although burn permits are not required to burn within the Township, there must not be any burn restrictions in your area for that day.  You can find out if there are burn restrictions in your area by visiting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website or by calling the toll-free number:

Burning is not permitted within 1,400 feet of a city or village, according to the Department of Environmental Quality air quality regulations.

Items that property owners are permitted to burn include:
  • tree limbs
  • tree stumps
  • brush
  • leaves
  • grass
  • evergreen needles

Items that property owners are prohibited from burning include:
  • automobile parts
  • demolition debris
  • construction debris
  • chemically treated items
  • household trash containing things like plastic, rubber, or foam
When burning, the DNR offers the following safety tips to prevent a wildfire:
  • Never leave an outdoor campfire or debris fire unattended, even for a moment.
  • Have water available in case your fire begins to escape.  If your fire does escape, call for help immediately.
  • Always be sure your debris fire and/or campfire is completely extinguished before leaving it unattended.  Improperly extinguished fires are one of the leading causes of wildfires.  They are also a major cause of burns among children.  Hundreds of children are burned each year when they fall into or walk over an improperly extinguished fire.
  • Drown your fire with plenty of water.  Wet everything thoroughly, especially the undersides of burned pieces.  Stir the ashes to find any hot spots - you will see and hear steam escape when you find one.  WE everything again with more water.
  • Do not simply bury your fire with soil.  In most cases, this will NOT extinguish the fire.

Model T Fire Truck
Breitung Township's Model T Fire Truck

Model T Restored
Breitung Township's Model T Fire Truck Restored