Breitung Township's rules and regulations are called ordinances. There is quite a process to get to a finished product! Once an ordinance is adopted, it needs to be codified. This can take quite a bit of time. Below, there are links to all of the ordinances affecting Breitung Township. The link for the codified ordinances will take you to a page where you can search through all the ordinances for the township, save for the newest three or four. The ordinances that are not yet codified are linked below. Each link represents a different ordinance. All the ordinances listed below are in force and enforceable. 

Codified Ordinances
Marijuana Ordinance
Tall Grass Ordinance

When a new ordinance is on the table to get put into effect, the public is allowed to comment on it. If there is a link below, then there is a proposed ordinance for residents to look over.

Proposed Ordinance - Blight and Public Nuisance
Proposed Ordinance - Dangerous Buildings