In an effort to make the zoning process easier and more accessible to our residents, Breitung Township Zoning staff has created packets of zoning information for each of our zones.  If you do not know what zone your property is in, please see the Zoning Map for more information.  All zoning permits, including conditional uses, variance requests, etc. can be found on the home page under "Forms and Documents".

Residential 1 (R-1)

Rural Residential 1 (RR-1)

Rural Residential 2 (RR-2)

Rural Residential 3 (RR-3)
Commercial 1 (C-1)

Commercial 2 (C-2)

Industrial (I)
Accessory Buildings

Scenic Preservation (SP)

Resource Production (RP)

If you have any questions in regards to what you're reading, please contact the
Zoning Administrator or the Deputy Zoning Administrator at 906-779-2055 or 906-779-2060.