Been working in your yard? Got some piles to get rid of? Breitung Township residents have a few options available to them - all free of charge!

Brush and Small Limbs
Come check out a key at the Township Office for the Township's gated brush pile located on Second Street in Quinnesec. The brush pile is only for brush and limbs under 12" in diameter.  Stumps, building materials, compost, rocks, sand, trash, or other recyclable materials are NOT allowed to be dumped at the brush site. This facility is for residential use only, NOT for commercial or large volume cleaning.


Defined as leaves, grass clippings, dirt, pine cones, pine needles, plants, weeds, and sawdust, Breitung Township residents have two ways to dispose of their compost:

  1. Bring your compost to the Dickinson County Waste Transfer Site at N2500 Baler Road located behind the Tri-City Cinema
  2. During the warmer months, Breitung Township provides monthly curb-side pick-up of leaves, clippings, and compost (see below for curb-side pick-up rules)
- - - - - - - - Curb-Side Compost/Brush Pick-Up Rules - - - - - - - -

The first Monday of the first week of each month from May through November is designated as compost collection week. Compostable materials such as leaves, brush, weeds, grass clippings, pinecones, pine needles, plants, limbs, etc. will be collected separately from normal household refuse collection.

For 2023, we will begin compost pick-up on May 1. If Monday is a legal holiday, the week will start on Tuesday. Dates are as follows:
May 1,  June 5,  July 10,  August 7,  September 11,  October 2,  November 6

  * Due to July 4th Holiday, pick-up will take place on Monday July 10th.
  * Due to the Labor Day holiday, pick-up will take place on Monday, September 11th.


  1. Materials to be collected must be placed out by 7:00 a.m. on Monday.

  2. All material shall be placed in the front of the property on the road right-of-way within 10 feet of the road or pavement for collection, including special collection material. Brush must be placed neatly in bundles parallel to the road.

  3. Compost must be in separate bags/containers. Each bag/container must not exceed 50 lbs. in weight.

  4. Brush and limbs must be bundled, cut into 4' lengths, and be under 3" in diameter. Each bundle must not exceed 50 lbs. in weight.
  5. Compost and brush curbside collection is for regular yard maintenance only.

  6. Special Collection: After a qualifying weather event, and following normal collection, the township may determine that there will be a special collection. Special collection is defined as larger than normal collection that requires additional township equipment and time. The DPW Superintendent and/or the Township Superintendent will determine if a weather event is considered to be a “qualifying weather event.” Residents are asked to call the Department of Public Works and request an assessment for special collection. The DPW will not be responsible for any damages to property during this collection.